Cashier Information

Deposits & Withdrawals

Will there be changes to my payment information?

No, there are no changes to your payment information.

Can I use the same payment method across every BetMGM state?

Your payment method is subject to each state’s approved payment methods.

  • For example, if you make a deposit in one state using a Visa credit card, that credit card will be saved for use in all states that accept Visa credit cards.
  • Due to differing state regulations, any funds deposited with a credit or pre-paid card in an authorized state cannot be wagered or withdrawn in an unauthorized state.

Can I track my payments history on the new multi-state account?

Yes, your deposit and withdrawal histories will be combined across all the states where you use BetMGM, and you can track them in your Account section.

  • For example, when you click on Payment History, the history you’ll see will include all deposits and withdrawals you’ve made across all the states where you’ve used BetMGM.
  • To access your Payment history, navigate to My Account > Cashier > Payment History.
  • To access your transaction history, go to My Account > My Transactions or click here.

Can I reverse a withdrawal in the state I’m logged into, even though I started the withdrawal in a different state?

Yes, if you make a request to reverse a withdrawal in one state, your withdrawal will be processed, but those funds could be unavailable based on differing state regulations.